Egg purses

We've been stayed in city center for a month, I actually like it. Our place closes to many Shopping Malls and I've found some fabric shops which I can drop by for my new materials.

I've started to do Christmas presents, The one I think of is my egg purse. I must do at least 10 for my relatives and friends in the UK and Thailand. I hope I will finish them on time.

I've finished 3 already, the first one I used japanese cotton, I found it wasn't easy to keep it in shape so I stitched on the background to solve the problem. Cotton may be good to do big bag or larger pieces but for small purse I like a little more rigidity.

Choose fabric that suit for you work is very important. Some small purse makers like to use japanese country cotton because this fabric type is quite thick and easy to make a shape.

The second one I over came a problem by a combination of reinforcing stitching and then used patchwork and applique.. You can see I don't need too much stitching. The layer of fabrics keep it in good shape.

Last one I went back to my favorite fabric, of course it's cotton linen. I love the contrast of nature tone and the vivid colours. By using a heavier gauge cotton linen the problems of regidity are easily over come.

Just show you why I said this is a handy purse before.

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  1. Hola
    Observo con mucha atencion su trabajo, porque espero comenzar a hacer este tipo de aplicacion asi que voy a tener cuidado con las telas que vaya escogiendo, gracias por compartir estos detalles que haran mi trabajo mas facil...eso espero.

    Que tenga un buen dia.