Second move to Bangkok

After we've changed many plans, we decided to go back to Bangkok so I can get our dog to stay with us in our condo but my rabbit have to stay with a lady who looked after them before (my husband is an allergy to rabbit hair). The hardest for everyone is we really dont' know what the best plan for us, lots of people are moving out off Bangkok.

It's not flood in center of Bangkok yet so my husband has to work and we all stay together until the governor inform us to move. I really don't like uncertain situation but I have to live with it. While we drove back we tried to stay on motorway it turned to be an outdoor car park. Lots of people left their car on carriageways.

Finally we are all (include my dog) settle in a studio condo. I haven't start my new work yet I was very sick from yesterday because the air traffice was very busy we had to fly over around 20 minutes before landed. My dog is very happy to be here, she likes the company. Behind my dog they are piles of water we stocked, it's very difficult to buy water right now.  I definitely understand the expression "Money can't buy everything".

I was too sick to do any more work so take a picture is another way to relax.

This piece is a telephone pocket. Much easier to do, but the front and rear cover then stitched with leather clasp.

Next is an applique cosmetic bag, It's felt applique for bunny.

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