Mery Christmas and Happy New year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, my children were very exited. My daughter wanted to wait for Santa and we had a quiet Christmas day together..

I miss our Christmas party in the UK, We normally see our family and had meals together.

My works this week were still about Christmas and New Year gifts. I felt very nice to give them to someone and know they are handmade by me.

This applique purse I made for my daughter's teacher. I did an applique and patchwork, I like to join these 2 techniques together it gave more texture for my little purse.

Applique Key Pouch

Applique purse


Tilda Bag Hanging

Tilda Bag Hanging


Last Saturday My daughter and I had a girl day out, we took a Tilda bag hanging workshop.
We had a great time doing girl thing together. Our teacher lerned from Tilda in Norway and she brought them to Thailand. I met new friends but we didn't talk to each other much because we were busy making dolls.

My dauthter needed some helps but I really proud of her.

I already finished my doll but my daughter didn't finish yet so I'll show how to do it. The hardest I found was to put some stuff in a body, for Tilda's style her body had to be very tight to make good girly shape.

Next I did her hair...

I put her costume on, she had top and skirt.

This piece for her skirt..

My teacher told me her skirt should have 6-7 cm. long but my daughter wanted longer.

Then I stitched 2 arms to finish...

Girls were ready to put make up on...

Now they're ready for party...


On a process for my design...


Yesterday I went to Phahurat, it's the biggest craft market in Bangkok. My husband calls my church which I go to pay. I really enjoyed and felt like going on treasure hunt.

How do you feel when you go to a craft market?

I forgot to bring camera with me but next time I promise I will not miss it.

My original plan was I need some zips but I couldn't resist some fabrics, It's difficult to go there and not buy them. It's reasonable and beautiful...

This week my works are various, I am creating my own work and make some Chistmas presents. I just sent christmas presents to UK for my family,  I hope they will be on time for Chirstmas.

My egg purse disign. 

Who like pink would love this one!!

Patchwork in the back.

I used paper piecing to help me and I loved it. It's much faster...

Second purse is still egg purse, I'm working on the character.

Last one is my tiny litlle purse, It's Christmas gifts for my children's teacher.


Applique apple key pouch

This week was a little bit crazy for children, they've started school and need to learn on Saturday because they did not go to school for a month. Our weekend plan has to postpone until they finish this school term. My daughter is not please, she loves to do thing at home with me.

Thank you for comments that you wrote to me, I've used Bing translate to help me understand what you said.

These applique apple key pouches are ideal for Christmas gift.

Inside has a little pocket....


Applique apple tool bag

I came home last Monday, lots of cleaning to do. My work wasn't go well, so many thing I want to do but I actually didn't do any (so many going in my mind).

I'm working on my own design, it's frustrated but I still working on it. I hope I will be able to show you when it's good to go.

This piece sat on a shelf for long time, it wasn't finish because I didn't do a leaf on the top. I promise myself to post once a week so I finished it just 10 minutes.

I used japanese country cotton, this fabric is quite expensive and good quality.

It has many little pockets to keep everything tidy...