On a mission this year

Happy New Year everybody...

I've been busy with other distractions recently and I haven't touched my blog for quite a while. There's been a big change for me since I've started painting. In the past I knew something was missing, I have been trying to find "What it was"?

After learning how to paint again starting from absolute basics my confidence and passion to create has returned. I told myself not to expect miracles anymore, just do the things that I love. Things that make me smile when they are finished.

I have some recent craft and painting works to share with you from the last couple months. Enjoy!




New passion

Hello everyone

It's been a long time I haven't updated my blog. I'd like to show you my recent works.

Patchwork bag for my mum

Kindle cover
Applique bag

Patchwork pencil case

I'm learning painting and decupage too, it's fun to be able to play more with colours. I feel like I lost  track of time after I learned painting. I like the feeling that I can get any colours I want to and it helps me learn more about colours.

Arcrylic Painting

This "Welcome Sign" I was made for a family who look after my dog "Dolly". We will visit her next week so I really want to give them this present. My children still want Dolly back but we can't do it. We may have some tear to see her again.


Applique Cushions and purse

Hello everyone,

I can't wait to show you my work for this week. I've been busy for a month before I wrote this week's blog. My mum is ill...so I have been looking after her in the hospital...

This cushion is my favourite, I played with colours and more techniques. I like to get something bright and fresh into my life. As you can see the doll has 3D for her face, it's easy just put some stuffing inside the doll's face.

Another piece is the coin purse I made for my relative's birthday. It's just past Easter!!! so something about a bunny would be good.


Applique technique from Yukari (Story Quilt)

Hello everyone,

This week I still continue some more techniques for Applique. This design by Yukari, I love her works, they're kind of illustration and applique. It's such a unique Applique. I had her book last year but I haven't done anything. Just looked at her book and wish I will do one day.

This pattern is from Book 2, yes I had book no.1 and 2.  This cushion is a sweet applique and shabby chic. It looks great on our wreck chair on balcany.

Let's get ready.....

This patern hasn't got number so I worked it out myself. Remember it has to be from back to front.

Mark a pattern on fabric, I like to do it on center and 4 coners.

I usesd a cutter cut no.1 piece then trace on fabric, use the one that I cut to trace on fabric then cut it.

I usually use just 1 pin to keep a piece of fabric and background together. I'm a right handed so I pined in the middle for me to stitch round it. I don't like to move a pin while i'm doing it

I left the area that will connect with other pieces.

Next start no.2

Continue until finish...

I checked it sometimes by press a pattern on top of fabric....

Now Teddy bear is finished..

Next is a puppy, bunny, dog and ducky......

Finishing touch by some buttons, embroidery and lace.


How I do an applique.


This week I'd like to show you the technique involved in applique. After learning so many variations over the years  I feel I've finally found my own way which suits me personally...

Get ready....

Copy your pattern and mark it on the fabric.

Cut pattern (no.1)

Marked onto the fabric

Stiched onto the fabric...

Repeat it in order....

A girl applique's next..


Not finished yet, turn to back of fabric and cut some background off, so it'not too thick. Cut it as you can but some pieces that are too small you should just leave it.

Now it's ready to create a card cover..