Christmas is coming...

This year our Christmas will be just us. I cant even think about decoration just yet, it's quite difficult because our house is under water. I'd like to do some Santa dolls and some dolls from Tilda.

While I'm waiting for the floods to recede, I had an order for this set all about girl and cat. you may see many types of these charactors but the colours and pattern are never the same. I actually don't like to sell them, I will consider selling them as a kit so I will have fun to do new things all the time.

If I don't know how to answer your comments I will get to sort it out (eventually)! If you in return could give any advice I will appreciate your help. It's hard enough for me to write in English but I'd like to practice and I hope one day my english will improve.

First sample is an Oval purse, I like it very much, it's a good size to put everything it it. Background is Natural cotton-linen and japanese cotton for applique. Makes me think of easter eggs. The one I have like this I use it all the time because it such a handy size.

Next an applique telephone pocket, I played with the deep red colour using sweet yellow to enrich them both.

Finally an applique keyring, What do you think of this colour palette? It's so cute, isn't it?

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  1. Felicitaciones!!!!!
    He visto cada uno de sus trabajos y están todos muy hermosos.Me gustaría dejar un comentario en cada uno de sus trabajos... están increíbles.
    Se requiere de mucha paciencia y dedicación para lograr un efecto tan impresionante .
    Me gustan mucho las telas que usa y las combinaciones en el color.
    Espero aprender a hacer un trabajo tan bonito como los que nos ha mostrado.
    Saludos desde Chile