Applique technique from Yukari (Story Quilt)

Hello everyone,

This week I still continue some more techniques for Applique. This design by Yukari, I love her works, they're kind of illustration and applique. It's such a unique Applique. I had her book last year but I haven't done anything. Just looked at her book and wish I will do one day.

This pattern is from Book 2, yes I had book no.1 and 2.  This cushion is a sweet applique and shabby chic. It looks great on our wreck chair on balcany.

Let's get ready.....

This patern hasn't got number so I worked it out myself. Remember it has to be from back to front.

Mark a pattern on fabric, I like to do it on center and 4 coners.

I usesd a cutter cut no.1 piece then trace on fabric, use the one that I cut to trace on fabric then cut it.

I usually use just 1 pin to keep a piece of fabric and background together. I'm a right handed so I pined in the middle for me to stitch round it. I don't like to move a pin while i'm doing it

I left the area that will connect with other pieces.

Next start no.2

Continue until finish...

I checked it sometimes by press a pattern on top of fabric....

Now Teddy bear is finished..

Next is a puppy, bunny, dog and ducky......

Finishing touch by some buttons, embroidery and lace.