How I do an applique.


This week I'd like to show you the technique involved in applique. After learning so many variations over the years  I feel I've finally found my own way which suits me personally...

Get ready....

Copy your pattern and mark it on the fabric.

Cut pattern (no.1)

Marked onto the fabric

Stiched onto the fabric...

Repeat it in order....

A girl applique's next..


Not finished yet, turn to back of fabric and cut some background off, so it'not too thick. Cut it as you can but some pieces that are too small you should just leave it.

Now it's ready to create a card cover..


Cat week

Hello, I hope you will have a lovely valentine day next week.

This week I had an order from a client from facebook, she ordered an egg purse. She chose the background colour and I put together the colour palette for applique. The funny thing was her house is 10 minutes drive from my house so I offered to drop my purse at her house and she let me look at her works as well.

I am really pleased that someone likes my work so much. She wanted to keep it as her master piece!!! We talked about our experiences of craftwork. There cannot be many jobs where you can make friends with customers the first time they buy from you.

Second piece is a card holder cover, it still has cat.