Applique: Fold up shopping bag

Just want to try and be current about Global warming! Re-useable shopping bags are increasing in their use which is better news for the environment. Its nice to put some thought, effort and detail even into something as simple as this to perhaps encourage the owner to use it over and over again with minimum impact on our surroundings.
This folding bag I made for my mother in law when she came from England to visit us. In the UK some shopping malls like M&S charge a small amount for plastic bags. It's not much but they just want people to decrease the use of plastic bags and collect points by using their own re-useable bags. I hope to see this one day in Thailand. I think we use way too many plastic bags!
This fold away bag has some style when folded up so it's no great shakes to carry it as an accessory until it comes time to fill it with shopping. The decorated panel is simply attached to a carry bag of your choice and will contain the folded bag neatly until time to use it.

Shoulder bag

One more design of Shinnie my favorite character. I personaly enjoy to make small purse, this one for my sister. It's mixed of japanese country cotton and cotton, the handle was leather made good impact.


Applique cosmetic bag

Cosmetic bag

I did it by hand. As you can see the stitch is different from the sewing machine. Anyone can do this bag without a sewing machine. I have one but hardly use it because I like to stitch by hand.

I enjoy applique so much beccause my daughter loves to watch me work whilst I do it. I always use high grade Japanese country cotton for the background. This fabric is great because the pattern is subdued which means I can play with other colourful cotton. I'am a big fan of colour and i hope that shows in my work. I use acrylic to paint faces but make sure and be carefull when you do it because it can get a bit messy....

Applique key ring

used the same technique (applique) but I use cotton-linen to help the old car appearance.

If anyone would like to do it I'd would say you must be patient. It's not too difficult but you need some skills. Try a small and easy pattern first and you'll maybe get addicted like me...