A trip away from Bangkok

We're going to Centara Pattaya for the weekend to avoid the flooding issues in BKK, then the children and I will get on a plane to the saftey of North East Thailand on Sunday evening. I feel a little sad, I'd like to take our pets with us but we cant' drive because some roads are flooded. I have left them with a kind neighbour to look after them...

This is an applique clipper purse, you can see many small purses in my showroom. What do you think of this character?  You can see my work is not as neat as I want it to be, my mind wasn't in the zone but I have to keep making it to take my mind off current stress.

Many people asked me to share how to do bags from the Japanese craft book, I will do it after I go home (all my books are there). It would be nice if  you can share your ideas of which ones you'd like to do. Please contact me by e-mail address or my facebook at Premravee Hill.

This design has more space on the bottom so it's good size to keep coins in.


Applique key pouch and purse

We're having big flooding in Thailand and made me have to be prepare when water comes to Bangkok. I have 2 children so you could imagine how panic I am right now.

I definately moved all my fabrics, books and tools up to second floor and we will stay in my mum's house for a while. My poor husband has to stay in Bangkok but he told me if the situation is bad he will go to see us.

I've never seen so much water like this before, it's flooding everywhere... This set I finished them a week ago but I wasn't feel exited to post them. I wish everyone who having problem of flooding have a good night sleep......

I used cotton-linen as a background, an applique sheet was a bit complicate and small details... I like colours they are so sweet. This applique set has keyring and purse.

Applique key pouch...

Applique purse


How to make an applique digital camera bag

I've been blessed to find another side of myself that I've never known before.  Lots of my old friends can't believe I'm doing all these cute treasures. I'd like to thank my husband and children for being my biggest fans. Every piece I finish is met with compliments. Now I'm working towards my own style and signature to be easily recognisable as my own work one day.

In the last couple months I started to do more work, every peace I do still excites me.  I've been using Shinnie style but play with my favorite images and colours. I hope you will like them too.

I've seen lots of people search for how to make handbags so I'll show you a simple way to make an applique digital camera bag.

Let's start, here is applique sheet I did before

Next I stitched 3 pieces together, the applique sheet, polyester sheet and lining fabric.

 I stitched around character to give some more 3rd dimemsion.

This is how it looked when it's done.

I put more stitch outside a character.

Then cut to shape you'd like and put binding on.

Next I did back sheet, I'd like patchwork to make this work a bit more colorful.

Repeat like a front sheet, I put a handmade slyle toggle on the top and stitched 2 piece together.

Then put a zip on the bottom of a bag

Now it's done I put a bow and button on a bunny to decorate.


Applique cross body bag and purse

This set is one of my favorite. Personally, I like all sort of sweet color palette. This Cross body bag has a zip pocket on the front and on the top.

I made one more applique purse to match with a big one.

On the back it's sweet patchwork.

Inner view...

 A little pocket on the front to keep mobile phone

Here are some applique details