The owl family


This week was a tough week for me, I had my sister came to visit me and it was sport week for my children. My daughter was a cheer leader so I had to practice to make her hair from youtube. I also had to get a costume for my son to do the parade....

I actually didn't do any works this week but I made the owl family from last week.

These are owl purses, they have different sizes.

and an applique keyring...


Tilda Dolls


My week started a little slow, so many little jobs to do. I've been busy tuitoring my son for his exams. I can't believe how much children have to study right now, I try to think what I learned when I was their age.

I've been busy making Tilda dolls, I took a course on this last Saturday. This time I learned how to make her nose point and how to put stuffing into the shape I want. These dolls are bigger than the last ones I made. Putting stuffing in is still difficult for me.

Here's the one I did in class, it actually included a log cabin cushion and sofa but I am keen to make perfect doll more than accessories.

These two were good practice after taking a class, it seemed easy in a class but not when I did them myself. I still need more practice to have the perfect Tilda Doll.


Our New year break

My family and I went to celebrate my birthday and New Year by the beach. Our Hotel is in a Thai style, we went here last month for a night but this time we stayed here for 4 nights.

We loved the welcome animal towels, they even taught our children how to make them.

Here's the beach that we went to to chill every morning. It's call Mae Rampaung Beach in Rayong. The weather was great, we kept saying "can't believe it's winter".

If you notice I took a patchwork with me. That's the good thing for patchwork I can work anywhere I want.

Our dog was very happy to spend time with us.

I repaired my favorite jeans by using 2 patchworks. It's in a Union Jack Love Heart style, my daughter loves to say it's "love heart" shaped and I like it.

One more work of pachwork I made last year, japanese style by Masako. She came to Chiang Mai to visit her fans....