On a process for my design...


Yesterday I went to Phahurat, it's the biggest craft market in Bangkok. My husband calls my church which I go to pay. I really enjoyed and felt like going on treasure hunt.

How do you feel when you go to a craft market?

I forgot to bring camera with me but next time I promise I will not miss it.

My original plan was I need some zips but I couldn't resist some fabrics, It's difficult to go there and not buy them. It's reasonable and beautiful...

This week my works are various, I am creating my own work and make some Chistmas presents. I just sent christmas presents to UK for my family,  I hope they will be on time for Chirstmas.

My egg purse disign. 

Who like pink would love this one!!

Patchwork in the back.

I used paper piecing to help me and I loved it. It's much faster...

Second purse is still egg purse, I'm working on the character.

Last one is my tiny litlle purse, It's Christmas gifts for my children's teacher.

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  1. Que carteritas mas bonitas, me quedo como seguidora, Felices Fiestas