Our New year break

My family and I went to celebrate my birthday and New Year by the beach. Our Hotel is in a Thai style, we went here last month for a night but this time we stayed here for 4 nights.

We loved the welcome animal towels, they even taught our children how to make them.

Here's the beach that we went to to chill every morning. It's call Mae Rampaung Beach in Rayong. The weather was great, we kept saying "can't believe it's winter".

If you notice I took a patchwork with me. That's the good thing for patchwork I can work anywhere I want.

Our dog was very happy to spend time with us.

I repaired my favorite jeans by using 2 patchworks. It's in a Union Jack Love Heart style, my daughter loves to say it's "love heart" shaped and I like it.

One more work of pachwork I made last year, japanese style by Masako. She came to Chiang Mai to visit her fans....

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