A trip away from Bangkok

We're going to Centara Pattaya for the weekend to avoid the flooding issues in BKK, then the children and I will get on a plane to the saftey of North East Thailand on Sunday evening. I feel a little sad, I'd like to take our pets with us but we cant' drive because some roads are flooded. I have left them with a kind neighbour to look after them...

This is an applique clipper purse, you can see many small purses in my showroom. What do you think of this character?  You can see my work is not as neat as I want it to be, my mind wasn't in the zone but I have to keep making it to take my mind off current stress.

Many people asked me to share how to do bags from the Japanese craft book, I will do it after I go home (all my books are there). It would be nice if  you can share your ideas of which ones you'd like to do. Please contact me by e-mail address or my facebook at Premravee Hill.

This design has more space on the bottom so it's good size to keep coins in.

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  1. c est tres mignon,. bravo votre blog est splendide.