Applique purse

This is a little purse I made for my mum on Mother's day but my daughter wanted to design one for herself so we made another one (see below).

For the last year I have been concentrating on design and product development . I sent some of my products to UK as you know the market is currently slow to recover and everybody wants to buy bargain. I have used this development time well by taking courses and learning more skills.
It's been very interesting talking with other craft people about how we turn great design into good business. It is almost impossible to reflect the many hours of pain staking work and passion that goes into creating these collectables in their marketable value. I will continue with this work however as I love it so much. Everytime I sit down to make another piece there is great excitement about the finished article and immersing myself in this work takes me to another world.

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  1. hi!!
    amazing work you do, congratulations
    here in argentina where I live it's not so common this aplique technique; but I love it, and look for it in the web
    will keep your blog in my favourites
    love :)